Twilight Falls Upon America’s Statue of Liberty, New York, 1982

In the early 1980’s, with permission from the U.S. National Park Service, I was allowed to go to the Statue of Liberty National Monument for an overnight so that I would be able to capture on film sunset and sunrise, which would be impossible on the tourist ferry during the day..

The sky was clear for sunset, so I was able to get the Statue with the lights on at twilight. I slept on the grass with just a sleeping bag and small tarp.

During the night the fog rolled in. It was very damp and cold with many ships passing by with their fog horns blowing.

Sunrise was clear again and beautiful… A Park Ranger gave me a special tour inside the statue all the way up to the crown before packing up and heading back to New York City.

Location: New York, New York
Photograph Date: 1982
Medium: Chromogenic Print
Edition: 200


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