Tidal Pools in the Island Kingdom of Sanna, Traena Archipelago, Norway, 2012

Far out at sea, Sanna is a fairy-tale kingdom of islands, skerries and mountains. A place where the midnight sun is visible for six weeks, its tidal pools, caves and grottoes create a magical atmosphere. This enchanted land is the setting for tales of the strange beings and supernatural forces of Norwegian lore.

I am happiest by the sea, where I can witness the work of waves as they hit the rocks and wash the beaches rhythmically. Time passes unnoticeably, while searching for the right scene or waiting for the perfect light. Enjoying such moments is one way to life’s flow; when you have your entire focus on the one thing you do, forgetting about all thoughts that may distract you otherwise. For me, this is the way I do most things. Being lost in the things I do is the best recipe for a happy life.

Location: Traena Archipelago, Norway
Photograph Date: 2012
Medium: Chromogenic Print
Edition: 200


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