Nomads of Laikipia Plain, Solio, Kenya, 2011

The Laikipia Plains of northern Kenya are home to the same majestic creatures that roamed the landscape of my childhood imagination. Since I first set foot on East African soil in 2009 I have been drawn back year after year, driven by a desire to be in the presence of such beauty and majesty and to capture images that convey the sense that these creatures, in their natural habitat, are larger-than-life.

As I saw this movement of giraffes across the plains of Laikipia, clouds brooding overhead, I saw an opportunity to capture this, and so I composed the scene and waited – as as I often do when shooting wildlife – until the giraffes and the two rhino and zebra behind them were aligned in what I believed to be the strongest composition.

Location: Solio, Kenya
Photograph Date: 2011
Medium: Chromogenic Print
Edition: 200


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Robin Moore had the good fortune to realize his passions for science and art at a young age. However he was torn between them and chose the path of science. It wasn’t until later on that he realized he could combine his love for biology and art by using photography as his voice. As an International League of Conservation Photographers fellow, he finds that the camera is a very powerful tool to get his message of amphibian conservation across, saying “It’s very hard to get a science message out there sometimes, if you don’t know the language to speak to the audience. I think visual storytelling and photography has a massive role to play to communicate these ideas and concepts, and engage people.”

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