Desert House, Colorado, 2011

A lonely house… Driving through Colorado… Images to illustrate the road and the people you meet along the way on a trip across the USA… A 4-weeks road trip across the USA, from New York to San Francisco, on the steps of Jack Kerouac’s famous book “On the Road”. Focusing on nomadic America: people that live on the move across the US, out of ideology or for work reasons. “Leaving Denver,” I shot it while on the way west from Denver in 2011. I crossed the US for a book commission, following the steps of Jack Kerouac’s journey across the US. It’s published in his book On the Road.

Location: United States
Photograph Date: 2011
Medium: Chromogenic Print
Edition: 200

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Photographer Profile: Matthieu Paley

Matthieu Paley is a National Geographic photographer living between the remote and a small village on the Aegean coast in Turkey. He recently completed a global story for National Geographic Magazine on the Evolution of Diet.

Over the past 15 years, Paley has held assignments with various magazines all over the world, from the base camp of the highest unclimbed mountain in the world in Bhutan to Nauru, the world’s smallest republic in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Paley has published numerous books including a book on Siberia, a monograph on Mongolia and a commissioned book about Nomadic America. His last and longest book project, “Pamir, Forgotten on the roof of the World” (“Pamir, Oubliés sur le toit du monde”), was started unexpectedly in 1999, on a high mountain pass on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Paley’s photographs have been exhibited in private galleries in Hong Kong, Paris and Istanbul. Paley has recently lectured at the Royal Geographical Society and the Asia Society in Hong Kong and will soon be presenting his Evolution of Diet story at National Geographic Live in Washington DC.

Matthieu is a member of The Photo Society, a group of contributing photographers for National Geographic magazine. He regularly leads National Geographic workshops, more recently in Paris, Turkey and Mongolia.