A Curious Pelican, Old Harbour Bay, Jamaica

I traveled to Jamaica to shine the spotlight on the impending sale of the country’s largest protected area to build a massive port. Residents of Old Harbour Bay, a poor fishing village south of Kingston, and the surrounding ecosystems would be hardest hit by the development and yet had no voice in the plans. I spent time in Old Harbour Bay meeting residents, observing and deliberating on how best to capture the character of the place.

Late one afternoon I was strolling among their fishing boats when a curious pelican landed on a boat close to me and provided a focal point, and a moment of levity and connection. This became one of the most shared images that I captured during my expedition and helped to bring awareness to an issue that few people outside of Jamaica had heard about. As a result of the campaign to shine the spotlight on the issue the government of Jamaica announced that it would no longer be developing the area – an unprecedented victory for conservation and for local people.

Location: Old Harbour Bay, Jamaica
Photograph Date: N/A
Medium: Chromogenic Print
Edition: 200


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